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Art on the Plaza

Two swans, an outdoor installation by Autumn Casey at MOCA

Art on the Plaza 2024

In 2020, the museum inaugurated Art on the Plaza, a series of temporary public art installations on MOCA’s Plaza, that invites artists to activate the space. The 2024 series features South Florida artists: Yanira Collado, Christopher Mitchell and Nicole Salcedo. Starting March 2024, site-specific works from a different artist will be highlighted for months at a time, engaging and connecting the community with their unique and inspiring works of art.

On view from March, sculptor Yanira Collado will showcase, For those who transcend in the wind/En los Ritmos de Oya/ Nanritm yo Oya, a series of wind-propelled pinwheels, placed in MOCA’s fountain, which serve as a symbolic gesture representing joy, protection, spirituality, and the cycles of life, particularly within the African Diaspora of the Caribbean and Black North American communities. 

In June MOCA’s Plaza will unveil Christopher Mitchell's photographic series, Les Sirènes. In the presentation, the Haitian-American photographer and director captures portraits of community members transformed into life-sized mermaids, adorned in vibrant Kanaval-style costumes. These captivating images will be showcased floating gracefully on and underwater in the fountain. 

Nicole Salcedo’s Earth Gate – going on view in September – will culminate as the final installation of the 2024 series, offering a transformational threshold for visitors to pass through and honoring the spirit of the Earth and our inherent interconnectedness with all beings. The Cuban-American artist's multidisciplinary practice spans sculpture, fibers, performance, film, drawing, and mark-making. Drawing from the legacies of Cuban women artists, such as Ana Mendieta and Belkis Ayón, Salcedo integrates botany, fractals, electromagnetic physics, and animistic spirituality to explore land-consciousness and the interplay between the body and its environment.

Art on the Plaza

Art on the Plaza

Our Supporters

Art on the Plaza is presented by MOCA, with major support from the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA). Additional support was provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.