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Manuel Mathieu

April 1, 2024
12:03 pm
Manuel Mathieu


Through his striking paintings, unique ceramics, and immersive installations, Mathieu unravels Haiti's complex past and illuminates its global influences. This exhibition presents an array of new

and past works, offering a journey that is both an educational and emotional experience. His work reflects on our intertwined lives, in which the boundaries between the past and present or the personal and political are often blurred.

By unearthing the traumas of state violence, he addresses issues that remain as urgent today as they have been throughout Haitian history. This presentation will feature a new body of work that includes video, mosaics and new paintings.

Image Credit:
Manuel Mathieu: World Discovered Under Other Skies. Installation view: The Power Plant, Toronto, 2020. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.


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