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Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise: Of Sound, Mind, and Body

March 29, 2024
6:00 pm
Welcome to Paradise: Of Sound, Mind, and Body


Join exhibiting artist Alexandra O'Neale for an evening of mindful movement and sound as we activate the Welcome to Paradise installation, Bound//Unbound.

The project imagines the ocean as narrator, retelling the history of this city and honoring the ancestors who were its inhabitants. Begin this embodied activation with gentle yoga under the guidance of the Black Yogis from South Florida, followed by an immersive sound performance led by Kristen Soller. Please prepare to bring your own mat.

Alexandra O'Neale is a visual artist based in Miami, Florida. Her work explores themes of black identity, historical narratives and ancestral trauma through photography, video and sound art.

Kristen Soller is a sound artist and certified hypnosis practitioner of the Philippine diaspora who comes from a lineage of care workers, earth tenders, teachers, and singers. Soller works with language, sound, and imagination as instruments of care. Kristen Soller's hypnotherapy practice inside voice offers a means to attune to the poetry deep within oneself.

Kiyona Miah and Jasmine Mastin have cultivated a beautiful friendship that has turned into a partnership that gave rise to their organization, Black Yogis of South Florida.  Traveling the area providing opportunities for black yoga teachers to teach yoga classes, and safe spaces to practice yoga.


Welcome to Paradise is a dynamic new commissioning program featuring temporary public art projects by local South Florida artists. This program invites artists to create ambitious and experimental art installations that activate MOCA’s Paradise Courtyard.

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